About Us

MEGAMAC works with a simple logic: Making it happen.

Steve Deppeler is an Agricultural Contractor based in Trafalgar – Victoria.

Running Agricultural services since 1995 and proudly supporting the local farming community, Depps Contracting strive to provide the best in terms of mowing, tedding, raking, merging, baling, chopping, loading wagons and slurry tanks.

MEGAMAC is also the brainchild between Steve Deppeler and well-known suppliers.

Since providing a contracting business, and always looking for the best farming equipment and machinery, that makes the process efficient, Steve has been looking to find the machine that would just that. Collaborating with high quality supplier, MEGAMC imports, distribute and support the farming machinery that can make it happen.

Starting with importing BERGMANN since 2015, MEGAMAC is now a leader in providing top end machinery and equipment, setting up a new standard in the industry with service back-up, warranty, and spare parts.

Products and Services